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You know, the thing I enjoy most about writing is connecting with my readers in a way that only words on page can. Nowadays the words are in digital form, of course, but there’s something about the ability of little blacks marks on a page to capture the imagination.

Don’t you agree?

And that’s my goal as a writer… I want to give my readers the ability to escape from the mundane, the routine and the day-to-day and instead, travel to that place deep inside where unmet desires and secret fantasies live.

I think that sounds like a lot of fun. Doesn’t it?

If you agree, why not fill up on as much of what I have to offer as you can? After all, there’s nothing to lose.

With a click of a mouse, all of my stories are within your reach and thanks to Kindle Unlimited, there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing all them within seconds.

Are you ready? I know I am…

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– Sloan Storm