Fastlane Series: Book #3

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Chance Vix — what kind of maniac rips down a straightaway at more than two hundred miles an hour on a motorcycle which, oh by the way, costs more than a mansion?

What kind of brute crushes all challengers, decimates rivals and has owned the crown of one of the world’s most deadly sports for years? What kind of stud leaves women everywhere desperate for his attention, willing to do almost anything to try and tame him?

I’ll tell you what kind. The most mouth-watering, heart-stopping, daredevil of a head-to-toe hunk I’d ever laid eyes on in my life – that’s what kind.

And me? Well, let’s just say good girls from Indiana don’t wind up with guys like Chance Vix. Ever. No. Nope, never happens.

Unlike Chance, I’d taken the slowlane through life, playing it safe the entire time. And what had it gotten me? An end to a five-year relationship with my accountant boyfriend slash wanna-be rocker who spent more time playing gigs than sleeping with me.

When an unplanned trip to an exotic locale, far removed from midwest gloom, brought Chance and me together, I had no idea how much my life would change.

Could I hold on? Was I crazy to even try?

The Fastlane Series books are stand alone romance novels featuring unique lovers and happy endings. No cliffhangers! Burn is Chance and Vivie’s story and is Book #3 in the Fastlane Series.

An Excerpt from the Book…

I felt my jaw flex at the first sight of her.

There was no way of getting around it – I wanted her. Lifting my drink to my mouth, I hammered back a swallow, wiping my mouth with a quick swipe before placing the glass on the bar. She hadn’t seen me right away, and I was in no hurry. Licking my lips, I sat there and watched her walk, those voluptuous curves swinging from side to side.

“Fuck me man…” I muttered. “Look how fucking fine she is. Christ.”

Her perfect skin seemed even more so in the pale purple lighting of the club. She looked around, her gaze moving from table to table. While she continued on, I noticed a couple of men swirling their heads. If she was my woman, there was a time in my life when I’d have split another man’s skull wide open for doing something like that. But now, stuff like that just didn’t bother me. When you’ve got a beautiful woman in your life, every man wants her.

That’s just the way it is.

Seconds later, Vivie looked towards the bar, and our eyes met. Adjusting myself in my seat, I felt my cock pulse between my legs. Tonight was going to be dangerous and risky for her, even if she didn’t realize it yet. This was going to be her only opportunity to tell me to back off for good. Otherwise I was in no mood for restraint. Vivie approached me, stopping less than a foot away. Her body language seemed a bit tense, maybe even uneasy, but that didn’t bother me one bit.

In fact, it turned me on.

“Nice place,” she said, doing a half turn over her shoulder and looking around. “Doesn’t really seem like your style though.”

I took a good long look, staring her body up and down. “What would you know about my style? After all, we barely know each other.”

Vivie smiled, and if I wasn’t mistaken, her cheeks turned pink. I gestured towards the bar. “I can… Get us a table if you want, but the service is just as good at the bar, not to mention a little more intimate.”

Vivie shook her head and walked in my direction. I stood from my stool and pulled one out for her.

“Oh, thank you,” she said, a hint of surprise in her voice. “No one’s ever done that for me before.”

I helped her scoot in close. Returning to my seat, I replied, “Well, there’s a lot of dumbasses in the world, Vivie. What can I tell you?”

After taking her seat, Vivie pointed towards my injured shoulder. “No sling?”

Before I replied, I gestured for the bartender to bring me another round and get something for Vivie. “Nope, I’m ahead of schedule. It hasn’t gone perfect, but it should be good enough to get me back on the track at Le Mans.”

Just then, the bartender approached. “Another, sir?”

I nodded at him and pointed to Vivie. “Not a heavy drinker, right? What’ll it be? A Shirley Temple?”

“Hah, hah…” she deadpanned in response before looking at the bartender. “I’ll have a glass of Chardonnay. Thank you.”

For a couple of minutes we enjoyed the band until the bartender returned with our drinks. After she took hers in her hands, I gestured towards Vivie to make a toast. “To an accurate, behind-the-scenes report.”

Vivie narrowed her eyes at me before touching her class to mine. “You’re expecting something less?”

“Not at all, I just hope you’re able to keep your focus while you’re here.”

Vivie took a sip of her wine and placed the glass on the bar. “And why wouldn’t I be able to do that?”

I took a big swig of my drink and swirled the mixture around in my glass before looking at her. Unless I was misreading Vivie, she didn’t talk like a woman who had a man in her life. Never one to miss out on an opportunity to get what I want, I decided to take my shot. “As far as I can tell, there’s only one reason, really. Of course, you haven’t exactly been straightforward with me about it.”

Vivie’s eyes lingered on me for a second or two before she looked down at her wine glass. “I’m not sure what you mean. The only thing I’ve told you is that I’d like to keep things professional between us. I just feel like it’s the smart thing to do.”

I chuckled at her. “Smart is for suckers.”

She looked towards me but didn’t say anything. I’d touched on a nerve somewhere. There was no more time for fucking around. “Is there anyone else in your life, Vivie? Because, if there is, I need to know right now.”

She was in the midst of a sip of her wine when I asked. I noticed the swallow go down with difficulty. She never turned to look at me but did answer. “I’m just here to do a job, Chance. I’d really rather not talk about it. I don’t know what it is you want from me.”

Without thinking, I grabbed her forearm and squeezed it. Vivie snapped her head in my direction. I waited for her to focus, holding her eyes until they remained still, locked on mine.

Her lips parted.

Wasting no time, I leaned in towards her, moving my mouth to her ear. I felt her tense up, her body responding to my advances. Once I’d drawn to within an inch of her ear, I whispered, “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. If there weren’t laws against it, you know what I would do right now?”

I lingered there, breathing tiny puffs of hot air with each word I spoke. I noticed Vivie’s breathing change before she answered, at last.

“No,” she whispered, her voice trembling. “What?”

I held there for a second or two and then pulled away, returning to my previous position on the stool. I watched her mouth fall open in disbelief. She took another awkward drink from her glass before turning her attention to me. “Why did you do that?”

With a casual shrug, I said, “What? What did I do?”

Vivie straightened her posture, arching her lower back for emphasis. “You leaned into me and told me that if there weren’t laws against it, you’d do something to me… And then, when I asked you what it was, you pulled away.”

I let her statement linger in the air for a second and then turned towards her, bringing my lips to within an inch of hers. Vivie quivered, hot breath coming from her mouth. “I would fuck you. I would rip your clothes off, put you on top of this bar and fuck you until we both came like wild animals.”

Inches separated our eyes. She blinked, several times in a row. “Give me one reason, Vivie, not to take you back to the hotel and do that, this instant. One.”

Vivie never said a word.

Instead, she spoke with her body and her lips, pressing them both against me in the bar. It didn’t matter to me that the room was full of people. I’d waited so long to taste her, inhale the sweet aroma of her breath, there could have been ten thousand people looking at us, and I wouldn’t have cared.

Vivie’s hair closed in around my face while I explored the inside of her mouth with my tongue, savoring the beginning of my conquest. Tension started to fill my muscles, causing them to flex in response, and I began to feel less able, and less interested, in controlling my urges.

I reached for her waist, grabbing her curves hard just above her hip. A small sound, a throaty moan, came from deep inside of her, moving through her body like a wave. Hearing that noise, I knew the time had come, and I wasn’t going to waste another second.

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