Billionaire’s Kiss

Never Never Man Series: Book #3

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They say you can’t go home again. Believe me, I’ve tried. Hell, I’ve done almost everything I can think of to escape Grey’s controlling ways but it’s no use, he’s relentless.

After all, I’ve already surrendered my body to him. How much more will he take?

How much more can I give?

This is the third book in a Billionaire Erotic Romance series presented in serial format. It is not a standalone.

An Excerpt from the Book…

Ever since the phone meltdown, I wasn’t welcome at the apartment. Never mind that I owned the goddamn thing. Even so, Maddie and I had a working relationship together, which superseded my need to snuggle up with her when I was on the coast.

I couldn’t speak for her and I had no interest in trying. So I stayed at the same hotel I always did when we were on the outs and assumed that sooner or later things would blow over or blow up. With Maddie these days, there was no telling.

Still, I missed the sex.

And at the moment I really had no interest in anyone aside from Maddie, so even though we weren’t together, I suppose in a way we were. However, she never asked and I never volunteered that information. At best, you could call it a sexual standoff.

Things had devolved, no question about it.

I was pretty convinced she was depressed and frankly, I did feel responsible, up to a point. But let’s get real. We’re both adults here. I never promised anything other than what we’ve got right now and until the phone call where she made her feelings clear, she never indicated she expected more from me, either.

Yet in a situation like this, a guy like me will always come out looking like the asshole. There’s not much I can do to change it, so I don’t bother trying. And if it was just a romantic relationship, I wouldn’t give two shits. Because if I know one thing about women, it’s that most of them grow up thinking they’d be princesses someday and most are damned disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

So, I’m the bad guy. I get it.

While Maddie continued the disappearing act, I managed to keep things going with Carmen’s help. And let me tell you, she was really coming into her own as a goddamn manager. If nothing else, that aspect of the business looked to be stabilizing in spite of Maddie’s flakiness.

Speaking of that, I heard from Katy that Maddie had been acting strangely — drinking more than usual, behaving erratically, and shirking her duties around the office. In addition, I found out about the auditions she’d been going on through some of the contacts I’d made in the business. Curious, I called in a few favors and got my hands on some of her audition videos. I watched them and damn it all if Maddie wasn’t terrific. I gotta admit, to her credit, she knew the craft.

While I didn’t feel responsible for her actions, I did care what happened to her. The problem was she hardly spoke to me at all anymore, so even if I tried to help, I couldn’t. It was about as close to a ‘‘no-win’ situation as you could get.

And so it was when I arrived in town a couple of weeks after ‘the call’, things had almost completely stalled out between us. She seemed content to leave it that way, but I had no goddamn intention of allowing her behavior to drag the business down any longer. I hadn’t alerted her to my visit, so after arriving at around nine o’clock in the evening, I headed straight for the apartment.

Clutching the key in my hand, I slid it into the lock and turned it until it clicked open. As I entered, I looked to my left and saw the electric blue flicker of the television along the wall across from it. I closed the door and headed towards the living room and as I did, Maddie appeared to my right, clad in her bathrobe.

Her face carried a solemn appearance. I’d never seen her look so disheveled. I stood in place and swiveled my head as she shuffled past me without a word or even a glance, as if I were a ghost. My eyes trailed her as she plopped down on the couch. As she took her seat, Maddie tucked her legs underneath her robe, then picked up a glass of wine and sipped it. What little remained inside the bottle sat on the living room table within easy reach.

“What do you want, Grey?” she muttered, as she flipped the channel.

She still wouldn’t look at me.

What did I want? What did I want? I wanted my business partner, my lover, my goddamn friend. I wanted Maddie back and so, that’s what I told her.

“You, Maddie.”

She shook her head and mumbled, “Okay. Well, I’m right here.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

“What did you mean, Grey?” she asked. “Oh, do you want to fuck me?”

As she finished, she tilted the wine glass up and after the maroon liquid slid down her throat, she casually tossed it aside. The glass hit the floor and shattered. Shards radiated in all directions as it did.

I turned my head back towards her.

“Come on,” she said, as she smacked the wine off her lips. Maddie spread her legs and pulled her bathrobe open, exposing herself to me.

Expressionless, she looked up at me and without blinking, she continued, “Come fuck me, Grey. That’s what you want. That’s all you want isn’t it?”

I looked down at her in utter disappointment. I felt like I didn’t know this person. And the last thing I wanted to do was fuck her. Snapping myself out of it, I nodded, straightened my tie and began to walk to the front door. As I passed by her, Maddie’s face flickered to life in my peripheral vision.

“Where are you going, Grey?” she said. Her tone elevated with each step I took. “Don’t you want fuck me anymore?”

I resisted the urge to curl my fingers into fists as I walked. Instead, I kept looking straight ahead. If I stopped and fed into it, nothing good would happen.

“What’s the matter, Grey?” she yelled in a drunken slur. “Don’t you want to fuck me anymore!!!?”

Just then, I heard Maddie get to her feet, followed by the sound of the wine bottle being dragged across the table.

“Maddie, don’t!” I yelled as I spun back to face her.

She clutched the bottle upside down and held it by the neck. As she did, what remained of the alcohol dribbled down her robe, leaving a trail of red. Maddie scoffed as she looked at me, shrugging her shoulders with a single jolt of sinister amusement before releasing the bottle from her grasp.

It hit the floor with a thud but didn’t shatter. Instead, it spun out of view as it vanished beneath the sofa. For an instant or two more she glared at me, then turned away and began to walk back down the hall towards the bedroom. As she did, the listless expression she’d greeted me with minutes before returned, disfiguring her delicate beauty once more.

“Get out,” she muttered as she disappeared from sight.

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